Walters Invest Products

Walters Invest develops its activity with the purpose of helping the local administrations and the small and medium enterprises in establishing economical, commercial and investment relationships with partners with strong capital and successful business people from the European Union, especially in Germany and Austria.

Walters Invest offers to the local administrations the possibility to present the investment opportunities of the subordinated localities to the investors groups from The Western Europe ant not only, offering support in impelling the business environment and the commercial relationships. We are sure that, through our highly professional work, through persistence as well as through our expert team with experience in the field we can contribute to the promotion of the Romanian settings, respectively, to their positive appreciation abroad.

Regional Publications of Urban Marketing:

The objective of the Regional Publications, brought out by Walters Invest in German, is to emphasize the presentation and promotion possibilities of those locations or groups of locations from Romania, where the foreign investments are necessary but also possible.

The regional publications brought out by Walters Invest are distributed to our partners from Western Europe, these being represented by: 90% of the Chambers of Commerce from Germany, 50% of the Chambers of Commerce from Austria and numerous business centers or professional associations. Through this large range of distribution points, the unexploited opportunities of the rural environment from Romania become known in the important business communities, and than during the year, Walters Invest shall develop connections with other countries from the European Union. 

After a 5 years experience in the field, the Walters Invest experts have seen the interest of the external investors for the rural Romanian settings. For a better representation of the investment areas of the country, our future publication will be done according to development regions, in German as well as in English; they will include presentations of the areas and of the economical and cultural profiles, next to details regarding the contact person. 
Thus, there will be emphasized all the investment opportunities, from those from agriculture, industry and infrastructure, to those from tourism, being already known the interest of external investors in this domain.

The regional publications of Urban Marketing, have a successful feedback for the representatives of rural administrations, prove being the numerous business offers received from the businessmen from Western Europe and not only, regarding the investments development in the Romanian rural environment.