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Romania’s labour market

In the third trimester of 2006, the active population counted 10.386.000 people. Of these 5.686.00 were men. The engaged population counted 9.56.000 people, of which the men represented 5.231.000 people, the women represented 4.425.000 people, the people living in the country side 4.430.000 and those living in the city represented 5.226.000.

The wage earners effective in January 2007 counted 72, 0 thousands people more than in December 2006, the greatest increases being registered in the wholesale, hotels and restaurants, health and social assistance, financial intermediation, processing industry, machine and electrical equipment and constructions.
The nominal average gross income in January 2007 was 1232 RON, meaning a nominal medium net income of 918 RON. 

The real income index for January 2007, calculated as a rapport between the index of the nominal medium net income and the consumption prices index, was 83,3% compared to the previous month, 106,8% compared to the concordant month of 2005, respectively 97,2% compared to October 1990.
The integration in the European Union brought along the opening of the labour markets for the Romanian workers. In this direction, The National Agency for Employment, in collaboration with Eures – European Employment Services, administrate a data base addressed to those interested to work in the European space.

The unemployment

At the end of January 2007 the unemployment rate at national level was 5, 4% decreasing with 0, 7 percentage points compared to the registered rate in January 2006.  There was registered another increase of this rate compared to December 2006 – from 460.495 to 477.309 unemployed.
Of these the balance of the unemployed without allowance continues to be large enough – 63, 4% of the total, that is 302.536 people. Territorially, 33 counties have registered an increase of the registered unemployed number, the most important increases being registered in the counties Mehedinti, Caras-Severin and Maramures. In 9 counties and in Bucharest municipality, the number of the unemployed dropped, the most important decreases being registered in Vaslui and Gorj.  

Reported to Romania’s counties for January 2007, the greatest unemployment rate was registered in the counties Mehedinti (10, 5%) and Vaslui (10, 4%), and the minimum level was reached in Ilfov County, with an unemployment rate of only 2%. Regarding the unemployment rate considering the educational level, the unemployed that have graduated elementary, grammar and industrial school have the greatest weight (80, 9%), while the unemployed that have graduated high school and specialized courses represent 15, 6 %, and those with university education only 3, 5 %.
Regarding the age groups, similar to the previous months, representative are the age groups 30-39 years old (28,4%) and 40-49 years old (24,2%).

The consumption priced index

In the main in February 2007 the prices have maintained the save level as in January 2007. The average price increase in the last 12 months (March 2006- February 2007) compared to the previous 12 months (March 2005-February 2006) represents 5, 8%.