The Constitution of Romania
The fundamental law of the Romanian State that assigns the citizens rights and duties regarding the state, as well as the functions and relations that establish between the public authorities.

The law and the legislative process
On web page of The Chamber of the Deputies one can find information about the development of the legislative process and a data base of the main normative acts. Within the same page one can access details about the Parliament’s organization and functioning, about its members and the parliamentary procedures.

The territorial law
Here one can find the text of the Law nr. 18/1991 regarding the field retrocession based on which took place the reimbursement process of the surfaces owned by the citizens before the collectivization process. 

Agricultural legislation:
The agriculture is one of the most important domains of the rural sector. The integration in the structures of the European Union brings along a series of changes regarding the laws that control the activity in this sector:

  1. grape and wine in common organization systems of the wine-growing market
  2. the markets’ common organization in the cereal sector
  3. the common organization of the fruit and vegetable market
  4. the medical and aromatic plants law
  5. legislation in the domain of commercialization, production and quality control of seeds and planting material.
  6. the operator’s guide in the milk and diary products sector – import

The rural development
One can find here the las reglementations in the domain of the rural development.

Support allotted to the producers from the agricultural domain
With the aim to stimulate the agricultural sector there were formulated a series of intervention measures:

  1. intervention measures in the meat domain
  2. intervention measures in the cereal domain
  3. intervention measures in the in the milk and diary products domain
  4. intervention measures in the vegetable and fruit domain
  5. intervention measures in the grape domain
  6. intervention measures in the domain of sugar
  7. intervention measures in the domain of the silkworms

Cult Law
One can find here the decree that ascertains the legal frame regarding the general regime of the religious cults from Romania. The Romanian State guarantees the freedom of conscience and the religious freedom on its whole territory.

Education law
The Law No. 84/1995 ascertains the frame where the educational process takes place on Romania’s territory. The law includes details regarding the organization of the pre-school, elementary, secondary, specialization and academic education.
Association and foundation law
One can find here the Text of the Decree No. 26/2000 that controls the foundation, organization and functioning, as well as the relations to the public authorities of the non-profit organizations.