Since Antiquity, the central part of Dobrogea has been an intensely populated area that offers possibilities of connection between the major centers of the region.

In the Medieval period, the commune center was called Ortachioi, word originating from Turkish- Tatarian. The locality was mentioned in documents for the first time on the map of the XVIIIth century, as a hamlet with several villages. At the beginning of the XXth century the locality was named Regina Maria, and in 1947, Horia.

The territory of the commune used to shelter access ways that crossed Dobrogea from east to west and from north to south. The territory of the commune includes 3 localities; Horia, Floreşti and Cloşca. Horia locality is a rural locality of agglomerated type located along the national highway Tulcea-Măcin.

In the southern part of the locality there are the valleys: Valea Luchian, Valea lui Ciolan, valleys with a torrential character that collect the waters on the top of Găzaru, Fetei Hill, Dealul de la Patru Hectare and discharge into Taiţa brook.