The commune Baloteşti is situated in northern Ilfov County, about 20 km north of Bucharest. It is bordered to the north and north-east by the commune Snagov, to the south by the town Otopeni, to the east by the commune Moara Vlăsiei, to the west by Corbeanca and to the northwest by Periş. The commune is composed of three villages: Baloteşti, Săftica and Dumbrăveni.

The locality has a stable population of 6774 inhabitants, the active population totaling approximately 3300 people (about 50%), and the unemployment rate reaching 15%.

The topography of the settlement is dominated by Vlăsiei Plain, more precisely by its southern subdivision, called the Bucharest Plain. The landscape is flat, with an average altitude of 95 m and with a slight tilt to the east and south.


The public road network includes: a national road, Bucharest-Ploieşti, the county road 101, Buftea-Corbeanca-Baloteşti-Moara Vlăsiei, the communal roads no 5, Tunari-Dimieni-Baloteşti-Dumbrăveni, and 6, Baloteşti-Spitalul Baloteşti. All the side streets to the national and county roads are paved and offer good conditions both for pedestrians and vehicles.

The commune has access to Bucharest-Urziceni railway route, which crosses the south of its administrative territory, the train station having the same name as the locality.

The power network covers all the needs of the existing households.

Baloteşti has an automatic PBX with 2000 lines, which also covers, partially, the needs of the communes Snagov, Corbeanca and Otopeni.

The locality has a centralized water supply system that covers a part of the existing households. The entrepreneurs have their own water supply systems, some serving a few households as well.