General Information

In the northern extremity of Harghita County, at the border between Bucovina and Ardeal, on Bistricioara river valley and at an altitude of 1000 meters, lies the commune Bilbor. Situated at the foothills of Calimani Mountains, amidst a pine forest, the locality is known for its mineral water springs, furrowing the western part of the depression. There are 17 mineral springs, most of them acidulous, bicarbonate, with a high calcium, magnesium and fluoride concentration.

With a total area of 22,731 hectares, the commune administrates two villages: Bilbor, the residence, and Rachitis. Located 24 km away from Toplita and Borsec, Bilbor is bordered to the north by Suceava County, to the west by Toplita and to the south by the resort Borsec and the commune Corbu.

Historical Data

The settlement was first mentioned in a written document in 1776. Until 1860 it was the northernmost locality of the Székely Land, pertaining to the commune Ditrau. The name Bilbor has a Slavic-Roman origin, and it means “the white fir region”.

Access Means

The main access roads to the commune are: the National Road 15, the County Road 174 A and the County Road 174 B. Rail transportation is provided by Toplita Station, located 24 km away from the locality.

Municipal Infrastructure

The entire commune is connected to the power network, benefiting from an extensive electricity grid with high, medium and low voltage lines. The public lighting was upgraded in 2007 on an area of 36 km. The drinking water supply is done using classic wells. Residents have access to landline and mobile telephone services and to cable television.

The locality has five schools, a community center, a school for children with special needs, an orphanage and an ambulance service.