Geographic position: The town of Bumbeşti - Jiu is located in the North area of Gorj county, 16 km away from the City of Târgu Jiu and 42 km away from Petroşani;

Structure: Bumbeşti - Jiu – administrative center, Pleşa, Tetila, Lăzăreşti and Curtişoara;

Surface: 21402.40 ha;

Access routes: E 79, DN 66;

The town of Bumbeşti-Jiu, located in the North area of Gorj county on one side, and the river Jiu on the other. The relief encountered within the studied territorial limits are mostly mountains (this is the defining line between the mountains Vulcan and the mountains Parang), continued toward the South with a hilly area. The hydrographic network around the town of Bumbesti Jiu is made up of the river Jiu and its affluents, the river goes through the town as well as the county, North to South. One of the most important investment objectives of the county – the hydrotechnical set up of the river Jiu – which has a distinct purpose in the town, the artificial lake Valea Sadului, with a designed volume of 360 million cubic meters and the three hydroenergetic power stations, initially designed with an installed power of 57MW, dimensions that were changed many times. The above mentioned artificial lake, other than the main energetic function, will solve other problems for the towns, the county and even outside it, namely ensuring water for the irrigation of a surface above 70.000 ha (in the counties of Dolj and Gorj), ensuring an additional flow of 7.5 cubic meters/sec for the water supply of settlements, protection against floods and especially countering the pollution in river Jiu, by decanting and depositing the suspensions resulted from the mining exploits in the coal basin of Petrosani. The town of Bumbeşti-Jiu is one of the most endowed towns from the point of view of utilities, as it has running water, gas supply, electricity, telephony, internet connection, asphalted county and communal roads. Within the town, about 326 private capital commercial companies are constituted and carry out their activity, and 52 of them carry out activities of goods and materials production. There is one theoretic high school in the town of Bumbeşti-Jiu – The National college of “Mihai Viteazul”- Bumbeşti-Jiu, and in the City of Tg-Jiu, which is 18 km away from Bumbeşti-Jiu there is a state university – the University of “Constantin Brâncuşi” – with 4 colleges: engineering (with mechanic, automatic, energetic profiles), economical sciences, law and physical education and sports.