Situated in southern Călăraşi County, in Bărăganul Mostiştei Plain, the commune Dorobanţu is located 36 km away from the county residence and 35 km away from the town Olteniţa. With a total population of 3480 inhabitants, the commune is composed of three villages: Dorobanţu, Vărăşti and Boşneagu. It is bordered to the east by the commune Ciocăneşti, to the south by the Danube Meadow, to the west by the commune Mănăstirea, from which is separated by Mostiştea valley, and to the north by the commune Ulmu. The population is ethnically divided into 3304 Romanians and 176 Romanys. The dominant religion is Orthodox, however there is a number of 45 Adventists and 30 Pentecostals.

In what concerns the landforms, the commune is situated on the Danube terraces. The villages Dorobanţu and Vărăşti are located on the Fist terrace - Călăraşi, with an altitude of 21 m, and the village Boşneagu is located on the Second terrace - Corabia, with an altitude of 35 m.

Access means

The commune is crossed by the national road 31, Bucharest-Olteniţa-Călăraşi, and the county road 304.


The commune does not have a water supply network or a sewage network and in respect to the roads, only a part of them are paved. The endowment of the households is poor.

Dorobanţu has a functioning dispensary and a pharmacy. Healthcare is provided by a doctor and a nurse. In what concerns the cultural institutions, the commune has only a public library.

The education sector consists of six schools, with 384 enrolled children, of which: 121 are in preschool and 263 are in school. The courses are taught only in Romanian and the total number of teachers is 28.

Sportive activities are conducted by means of the association “ATLETIC DOROBANŢU”.