The commune Homorod is situated in south-eastern Transylvanian Plateau, in Homoroadelor Depression, 4 km away from Rupea, 35 km away from Sighisoara and 65 km away from Brasov. It is made up of three villages: Homorod, Mercheasa and Jimbor. The landforms are approximately 60% hills and 40% - plain. The settlement has important natural resources, represented by the mud volcanoes from Baile Homorod and the salt mine from Mercheasa village. The natural heritage of the commune includes the oaks of Mercheasa. Homorod is located 50 km away from Fagaras Mountains and 20 km away from Persani Mountains. The fauna is diversified and made up of wild animals: bears, deer, foxes, rabbits, wild cats, badgers, weasels and ferrets; birds: wild ducks, pheasants, turtle doves, blackbirds, owls, partridges and hazel hens. The village Homorod was attested in 1250, afterwards being found documents which mentioned the villages Mercheasa-1448 and Jimbor-1432.

Access Means

Geographical coordinates: 46° 3' North, 25° 16' East.

Rail transportation is accessible, the commune being crossed by the railway line which ensures the communication with Cata, Beia, Teius, the nearest train station which connects the locality with the town Brasov being the one in Rupea. Minibus transportation to Rupea is provided according to the trains’ schedule. Transportation to other towns is also provided by minibuses: to Bucharest, Targu Mures, Bistrita and Cluj. The commune has access to the European Road 60, the National Road 13 and the County Road 132.

Municipal and Institutional Endowment

In what concerns the education, the commune has a secondary school, three elementary schools and three kindergartens. In the healthcare sector Homorod has a dispensary, tow pharmacies and a veterinary clinic. The commune also has a library. The halidoms are the following: the Orthodox Church, the Evangelical Church, Jehovah's Witness’ House of Prayer (Homorod village); the Orthodox Church and the Evangelical Church (Mercheasa village); the Orthodox Church, the Evangelical Church, the Catholic Church and the Unitarian Prayer House ( Jimbor village).