The Government»

According to its governance program accepted by the Parliament, the Government assures the realization of the internal and external politics and exerts the public administration’s general management.

The Presidency »

The President of Romania represents the Romanian State and is the guarantor of the national independence and the country’s territorial integrity. The President of Romania oversees the respecting of the Constitution and the good function of the public authorities. For this purpose, the President exerts a mediation function between the state’s authorities, as well as between the state and the society. (Article 80 – The Constitution of Romania).

The Parliament »

The Senate together with the Chamber of Deputies make up the bicameral Parliament of Romania. Both Chambers are elected for a 4 years mandate, by means of a universal, equal, direct, secret and freely expressed vote. The organization and functioning of each Chamber are agreed by the means of their own Order.  

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Ministers »