Information on Agriculture

The achievements from agriculture in the period 2005-2006 pertained to The Program of Government for agriculture and rural development


Finalizing the landed property reform

- Law 247/2005 of agricultural and forest fields retrocession
- Application rules of the Law 247/2005
- The foundation of the National Authority for property reimbursement 
- Creating conditions for the ADS trains to be transferred in the mayors property


Stimulating the transformation of the peasant households in family agricultural farms with commercial character (forming the middle class in the rural environment)

- The Farmer Program 
- Absorbing the SAPARD funds 5 months before the dead line
- The Agricultural Life Annuity (legislation, application norms, founding the National Office of Agricultural Life Annuity)
- Subventions for the endowment with tractors, agricultural machines, milkers, motomowers, cooling tanks
- The Fancy Animals Program (long term credits for the purchase of fancy animals)


The efficient allowance of budgetary resources for the support of the agricultural producers

- Balancing the report between the vegetal sector and the animal husbandry sector (from 2:1 in 2005 , to 1:1 in 2006)
- Introducing the European subsidization model (on surface, respectively on animal head )
- Sustaining the cultures with EU production rate


Supporting the production exploitation  by means of market measures

- Creating the Product Boards as regulation bodies of the product channels
- Introducing the intervention mechanism on the cereal’s market
- The legislation of the group producers and their finance  start
- Sustaining competitive exports (wine, wheat)
- Introducing deposit certificates, import-export certificates and guarantees


The development and modernization of villages

- absorbing all SAPARD funds, with the strong representation of rural infrastructure measures
- 60% of the SAPARD funds have been contracted in  2005-2006, and 40% in 2002-2004
- The monthly average of the no. of SAPARD projects handed in between 2005-2006 compared to 2002-2004 was three times bigger for the measure 1.1., 10 times bigger for the measure 3.1. and 7 times bigger for the measure 3.4.


The development of fishing

- creating the National Authority for Fishing and Aquaculture, as unique entity for the establishment of politics in the domain 
- supporting the foundation of fishermen’s associations
- transiting from the concession system of the fish resources to a system of quota transferred to the fishermen associations 


The durable administration of the forests

- The administration law of the forests, by means of which each forest surface entered the forest watch circuit
- Modifying the hunting Law, by means of which there is allowed the creation of private hunting funds and there are given money to the private owners of forests included in the hunting funds
- The reinforcement of the Ministry’s control capacity, by  the hardening of forest legislation and the supplementation of the control personnel   
- Starting the afforestation action of the deteriorated surfaces and the planting of forest curtains
- Financial support for the owner’s associations and the forest owners


The institutional reform

-Creating the two payment agencies that will unwind the European funds after January 1, 2007 (The Payment and Intervention Agency for Agriculture and the Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fishing)
- Founding the Administration Department of the milk shares and realizing the registration in the milk share of the farmers
- Founding the Unique Office „The Farmer”
- Reinforcing the institutional capacity of the National Sanitary-Veterinary  Authority
- Reorganizing the National Society of Land Improvement