Agencies for Investors

The Agency for Regional Development Bucuresti Ilfov
(ADRBI) is a non-governmental, non-profit and of public utility institution, that is responsible with the Regional Development Plan and with the application of the Programs made for the regional development.   ADRBI started its activity on July 1, 1999, as the organism that applies the decisions of the Board for Regional Development Bucharest – Ilfov.

The Agency for Regional Development
is permanently involved in the support of the business that take place in the W Western Region, act regarding the prosperity increase and investment encouragement and it engages in the industrial reorganization process and in the creation of new working places.  The success of its activities transforms the W Western Region in the region with the best business climate from Romania, in the context of its localization in the west of the country.

The Agency for Regional Development North-East

The agency was founded in 1999 and has as mission the development of regional policies, reducing bareness, supporting the economical and infrastructural development  to allow the alignment at European standards regarding the regions. Later, it became one of the most important implementation units of the PHARE projects. The web site tries to answer the need of information of the target groups; we have information about the irredeemable funds for public institutions and NGOs, data about bank credits for SMEs and advice regarding the foundation of a firm, information and images of the region for potential investors and tourists as well as a presentation of cultural, rural and social traditions.

The Agency for Regional Development South-East

The Agency for Regional Development of the Development Region 2 South-East was created with the purpose of contributing to the facilitation of the structural funds absorption to the level of the six component counties of the Region (Braila, Buzau, Constanta, Galati, Tulcea, Vrancea). By promoting the regional identity as well as administrating the European programs that belong to the preadherence strategy elaborated by the European Union.    The agency is organized and functions in the conditions of Law 21/1924, according to the stipulations of the organization and function status approved by the Regional Development Board and to the stipulations of law 151/1998.  The agency is a non-governmental, non-profit organization of public utility, with judicial personality, that acts in a field specific to the regional development, cooperating with similar agencies from the country and from abroad: the National Agency for Regional Development, local authorities, enterprises, research centers, universities, as well as other structures implicated in this domain.

The Agency for Regional Developemnt South Muntenia

The site of the Agency for Regional Development South Muntenia. In the pages of this site, we wish to present the incredible potential of this region, for those that intend to visit the area, as well as for those that intend to invest here or live in this part of Romania. You will find useful information about the finance opportunities, about the already financed PHARE projects, about the Regional Development Plan elaborated together with our local and international partners.

The Development Region North-West
ARD North- West is the executive organ of the Council for Regional Development of the Developing Region North-West. The agency’s responsibilities:

  • Diminishing the existent regional lack of balance;
  • Correlating governmental sectorial politics at regional level by stimulating the initiatives by exploiting their local and regional resources, on purpose to the durable social economical development and their cultural development;
  • Stimulating interregional, intern, international and transborder cooperation, inclusively included in the Euro-regions, as well as the participation of the development regions to the European structures and organizations that promote their economic-social and institutional development, on the purpose of finalizing projects of common interest, according to the international agreements Romania is part of.

The Agency for Development Center
From an administrative point of view, the Center Region is formed of six counties: Alba, Brasov, Covasna, Harghita, Mures and Sibiu, that include 50 towns (of which 14 are municipalities) and 334 communes. The Agency for Regional Development Center exists to contribute to the lasting and fair development of the Region by removing the disparities and lack of balance between the region’s areas, for its inhabitants.

The Development Region South-West  
The mission of the Agency for Regional Development is to facilitate and to promote the development of the SW region Oltenia, by implementing the development strategy indicated by the Council for Regional Development and by the Regional Partners, as well as by the national development politics whose implementation is decentralized at the regional structure’s level.
The purpose is to attract resources from the outside of the region, as well as the intense use of local resources, with the purpose of improving the life quality and social cohesion of the local communities from Oltenia, and for the competitive increase of the regional economy in general.