Consultancy in accessing Structural Funds
for the Local Administrations

With a 5 years experience in collaborating with the local administrations from Western Europe, Walters Invest launches a new project on Romania’s market, with the purpose of supporting the development of the rural environment: Consultancy in accessing the Structural Funds.   

Along with Romania’s integration in the European Union, a series of irredeemable funds will be heading towards the accomplishment of development projects in the rural environment. In 2007-2013, our country will benefit of over 30 billion Euros from the EU, as support from the Structural and Cohesion Funds for the accomplishment of development national, regarding the disparateness towards the member states of EU.  Considering that the role of the received technical assistance and consultancy is decisive for the success of each local administration, we deem that with the professional team’s support, the Walters Invest company is able to guide the potential beneficiaries step by step and therefore to contribute to a most favorable balance sheet of the whole access process of the Structural Funds. 
The experience of the Walters Invest professionals brings a competitive advantage in structuring and preparing the extremely complex documentation needed to access the Structural Funds. 
Our clients benefit by the complete support necessary along the contractual development, until the moment of obtaining the finance, including the delivery of a series of profile services.

Concomitantly, Walters Invest team realizes the whole consultancy regarding the eligibility of the proposed project, drafting the feasibility studies at the standards requested by the procedure of the Structural Funds, elaborating the documentation of the finance request, handing it in and following it, offering consultancy for the co-finance and handing in the documentation for finance. 

The services enumerated above imply:

1. Elaborating the documentation for the project:

  • Data Collection;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Financial analyses and cost-benefit analyses;
  • Service planning;
  • Pre-contracts;
  • Investment credit files;
  • Notice list and documents;
  • Finance request;
  • Consigning  the documentation at the able organism;
  • Following the documentation consigned for notification;

2. Assistance for the implementation of projects:
- drafting the periodical reports regarding the pay back finance rates;
- pursuing the implementation of the project’s stages and their reception based on the specific documentation;
- technical assistance to organize auctions regarding the projection and execution of some stages of the project;
- drafting the post implementation final report.

By mean of this project, the Walters Invest Company intended to support directly all the representatives of the local administrations interested in using adequately and efficiently the huge opportunity of the Structural Funds and to contribute further to the exploitation of the opportunities existent in the Romanian rural environment.